Chromium. project is a set of the biggest and solid brands logos covered and coated with chromatic vinyl
to make them even stronger and safer.


This project is a deformed dough called "Wvrp", inspired by natural dough curves driven by colours.


The Casablanca's font family comes in 3 weights light, medium, bold and you can find them also in italic style.

UI/UX Design

the goal of this design concept is to immerse
the user in the particular universe of its creators...


This project is called the "Cosmic Explosions" that i got inspired from the big bang to create it. It's a cosmic phenomenon that i tried to use in this design with it's own natural colors...


Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes, which includes about 200 species of mostly solitary and nocturnal birds...


This project it was inspired from wrong perspective isometric, but it's not wrong...


This is a little Logo collection of my logos in 2018. i have showcasted the best logos that i love and clients loved as well...


This is a collection of some logo designs that we worked on between 2020-2021.
In some cases, they are part of comprehensive visual identity work.

I’m Amine El Haiba.

I'm a 25 years old graphic designer, digital product designer UI / UX & motion designer. I'm currently working at a financial company as a full-time graphic designer & motion designer. Besides that I occasionally accept freelance projects my clients offers me, I find joy when i'm working on interesting ideas with my clients.

Graphic Designer | UI / UX Designer | Motion Designer.



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Feedback From Clients.

"Amine is a skilled designer, with great communication and customer service. He did a wonderful job and designed exactly the logo that i was looking for.

- Imad Aomari, Founder of TOUBKAL COMMUNITY

"It was a total pleasure to work with you! Thank you for your patience as our feedback took a little longer than expected. I appreciated your willingness to go back and forth on edits as well. Great work!"

- Alexandra Leo, Business and influencer Coach

"This is my third time working with Amine and I will 100% hire him again in the future. he has an amazing ability to understand exactly what I'm looking for, and delivers top quality assets. he's an absolute pleasure to work with!"

- Paakow Essandoh, CEO of MIZIZI

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